Randori Dojo is Midlothian's Community location for Pre School (JudoSaurus), Junior and Adult Judo (Randori Judo) Activities, Events & Projects.

About Judo

Judo is a Japanese sport and Kodokan Judo was first established in Japan in 1882 by Professor Jigorō Kanō. The term judo translates to ‘the gentle way’, ‘ju’ meaning ‘gentle’ and ‘do’ meaning ‘the way’, ‘the way’ being the concept of life itself.

Judo Moral Code: Politeness, Courage, Sincerity, Self-Control, Honour, Modesty, Friendship, Respect

In Judo we learn to throw each other (Tachiwaza) in a controlled and safe way which leads into groundwork (Newaza) where we learn turnovers and hold-downs. At the senior level, we also learn how to attain submissions.

The place where judo training occurs is called a ‘dojo’, which literally means a ‘place to learn the way’.  The traditional dojo is floored with mats called ‘tatami’.  The Randori Dojo is not just a place to come and learn about the technical aspects of judo – it is a place to learn about the way of judo.


Services and Location

Randori Dojo, Unit 3 44 Hardengreen Business Park, Dalhousie Road, Dalkeith, EH22 3NU. MAP
Randori Judo
The Randori Dojo offer numerous weekly Judo classes for children and adult's over the age of 5. Check out our Randori Judo page in the main menu for more information...Learn More
JudoSaurus is our preschool, martial arts-based fundamental class. This class aims to build movement competency and aid the developmental pathways of physical, cognitive, psychological, social and emotional development... Learn More
Even we can't do Judo every second of the day. As such we have an incredible facility available for your organisation to book for events, seminars and classes. Please get in touch via our Contact Portal.
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