Founder Mark Taylor created Randori Judo in 2018, where following success as a junior, senior and masters competitor he looked to gift back to the sport by providing a positive impact to the local community he grew up in through the median on Judo.

Junior Judo – (5-16 Years)

Randori Judo currently offer 20 sessions of judo per week at Midlothian’s very own Randori Dojo. Junior Judo aims to install children with the 8 pillars of the Judo moral code, these being Politeness, Courage, Sincerity, Self-Control, Honour, Modesty, Friendship, Respect. Junior Judo not only includes the learning of judo technique, it also includes physical, psychological, emotional and social well being. See Timetable/Membership

Senior Judo ( 16+ Years)

Senior Judo at the Randori Dojo caters for all ages and abilities, wether you are a European medalist or stepping onto the mat for the very first time. Our senior classes focus on Judo as a sport, lifestyle and method of self defence. Our classes have a strong social element and are very welcoming, with a “work hard” “play hard” ethos. Some of our coaches and players actively compete, and wether you choose to or not you’ll find the support you need here. See Timetable/Membership

Masters Judo (29+ Years)

Our JudoSaurus (Pre-School) classes aren’t the only place we cater for Dinosaurs in the Randori Dojo. If you’re 29+ years, looking for a completely new challenge, to get fit and lose some weight, or to make that comeback you always promised yourself, then you’ll be amongst friends at the Randori Dojo. Our active Master’s Judo player’s are active in the Masters and Veterans Judo community, and we welcome all. Our Masters Judoka, train alongside our Senior Judoka See Timetable/Membership

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