JudoSaurus, created by our coach Rob Wallace is our pre-school judo based activity class.

The JudoSaurus idea was based on a lack of martial arts-based activities for preschool children in the area, In particular, a lack of any grappling based activities.

The JudoSaurus programme has been in trial and development stages for the last few years with my own children acting as the unfortunate guinea pigs, we have since moved our massively successful programme into local nurseries.

Thankfully we’ve been a huge hit and are now based at the Randori Dojo, Dalkeith, Midlothian.

Judo on its own offers a fantastic platform to build both physical and mental literacy, however, through the JudoSaurus programme, we have given this our own spin and tied the activities in with the fundamental movement patterns and physical competencies of the early year’s curriculum of excellence. The intention is to deliver a holistic, energetic and totally engaging experience for your child.

JudoSaurus will also act as a pathway into our junior judo classes should your child wish to continue on their judo journey. If not, that’s fine too, the little judo they will have learnt offers an excellent base of physical literacy that will transfer well into any future activity.

Our dynamic classes are the perfect way to prepare your child for school, equipping them with confidence and with the necessary life skills to help them achieve their potential. These tailored classes feature a variety of simple, fun, and engaging training exercises, loosely based on the teaching attributes of Judo.

Should you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are a really friendly bunch and are happy to answer any questions. Timetable and Membership

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